What is the Binary Robot Project?

logo-schemeTired of searching for info about Binary Options and Binary Option Robots, only to realize that you’ve stumbled across another infomercial disguised as a real review or video? Tired of filtering through all the garbage? I know I am. That is why I created this site.  I will share with you my real experiences as a Binary Options investor.  I will win some trades and lose some.  You get to benefit from my research.  Read my blog.  Watch me trade.

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Read.  Learn.  Discuss.

Watch Me Trade.

Follow our project as we experiment with a live account trading binary options with a signal robot.

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Follow our Video Blog or subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch me trade live, see demo videos, and watch trading tutorials.

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Read.  Learn. Discuss.  Read my latest Blog post entry for more about the Binary Robot Project.


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Satoshi Mines Legit?

My New Bitcoin Wallet I recently opened a free Bitcoin wallet with Coinbase as a way of having options for safely transferring money with international sources without revealing personal account information. While I haven't used it yet for the purpose of funding...

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Phase II: First Demo Test

The Binary Robot Project is at it again as we begin Phase II of our experiments. In addition to a new round of experiments, we opened an account with a new broker Empire Option.  Read my article entitled “The Empire Stock Broker” to find out more about this broker. ...

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The Empire Stock Broker

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... It is a dark time for the Traders.  Although the Binary Robot has been destroyed in the first phase of experiments, Imperial troops have driven the Robot from hiding in pursuit of new trading opportunities...   What...

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Are You Secure?

When trading Binary Options, security is always a big concern.  This is especially true due to the fact that almost all online binary broker are headquartered outside of the U.S.  Some may have U.S. call centers, but the financial records and trading activity is still...

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Robot Meets Web

The Binary-Option-Robot has been upgraded! In my previous YouTube videos, I have been demonstrating the Binary-Option-Robot Software that was downloaded directly from their site.  While this software still works on my computer, I recently noticed that a new web...

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Fifth Experiment

Watch this video for the results of the fifth experiment of the Binary Robot Project. In this episode, we are going for broke as we trade our last $55. Would you like to try the robot yourself?  Download your own copy of the Binary Options...

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Losing Steam

Losing Steam... I will have to admit, I have been losing steam with this project.  I created my fifth experiment video back in January; but I still haven't taken the time to create the voice-over audio and post it on YouTube. Why?  Because I finally lost the last of...

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Fourth Experiment

In my Third Experiment, I did some Sloppy Trading, and I lost it all.  I broke my own personal rules: trading more than one currency, using trend as an indicator, even using the Martingale system before my balance would support it. I have no one to blame for those...

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Magic Money

Today, I discovered some magic money.  I logged into my account, and it just materialized.  I was so confused that I had to reach out to my broker before I ever figured out what had happened. So, it's 2016.  A new year.  I hadn't done any robot trading since last...

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I Can’t Believe It’s Not Binary Options

Many people who are too scared to try binary options choose to trade traditional options through their existing broker instead.   However, comparing traditional options to binary options is almost as bad as comparing apples to oranges.  Although, with the right...

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Here’s an Update…

I know... You haven't heard from me in a while. I'm not going to lie.  My last round of trading took some wind out of the sales.  However, I shouldn't punish my fans for that, since the mistakes were clearly the fault of me breaking all the rules I set for myself.  I...

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Third Experiment

Okay, so this experiment didn't go so well. And I have no one to blame but myself. I call this video Sloppy Trading. I got caught up in the moment and made poor decisions due to impatience. Yes, I lost money; but I learned a thing or two along the way. You can benefit...

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Binary Option Robot

There are several Robots on the market to choose from.  Read our Blog to learn why we chose this one.  Unless we change our goals in the future, all trades tracked on the Binary Robot Project are executed using BINARY OPTION ROBOT(tm).

Works with U.S. Traders

The BINARY OPTION ROBOT(tm) works with U.S. traders.  Although, U.S. traders are limited to only one eligible binary options broker, called Tradorax.  Brokerage rules and policies are constantly changing, so this is subject to change at any time.

100% Automated Trading

The BINARY OPTION ROBOT(tm) is a fully automated trading robot.  The auto trading system is based on signals created by trading indicators.  This is not copy trading or a paid signal service, but a true market indicator signal robot.  Once the market indicators are selected, the Robot automatically executes the trades.

Project Limitations

While the Tradorax account is set up for a variety of investments, including trading binary options on stock market indicies, the Robot currently only trades binary options based on currency pairs.  Also, there is a minimum trade amount of $25 for these trades, both with Tradorax and with the Robot.  

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What is the Binary Robot Project?

Quite simply, it’s an experiment investing with a Binary Option Robot to see what happens.  I may win. I may lose it all.  Come follow me on this journey.

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What Are Binary Options?

Despite how much my inner-nerd wishes they did, Binary Options have nothing to do with Binary Code. They are called “Binary” because there are only two outcomes at expiration.  Either you win or you lose.  It’s that simple. Unlike stocks or… read more

Too Good to Be True

Heads or tales? The first time I opened a binary options tradition account, I took the time to watch the education videos.  You can imagine that the information you receive from the broker on “How to trade” is not exactly what you would call non-biased…. read more

My Hypothesis

In my last articles, I shared what I learned the hard way from my initial experiments with trading binary options.  After reflecting on my own experiences, I came to the following conclusion about what it takes to be successful. Conclusion: In order to make money with… read more


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