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Are you tired of searching for info about Binary Options and Binary Option Robots, only to realize that you’ve stumbled across another infomercial disguised as a real review or video? Tired of filtering through all the garbage? I know I am.

That is why I created this site.  I will share with you my real experiences as a Binary Options investor.  I will win some trades and lose some.  You get to benefit from my research.  Read my blog.  Watch me trade. Let us learn together!

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What Are Binary Options?

Despite how much my inner-nerd wishes they did, Binary Options have nothing to do with Binary Code. They are called “Binary” because there are only two outcomes at expiration.  Either you win or you lose.  It’s that simple. Unlike stocks or… read more

Too Good to Be True

Heads or tales? The first time I opened a binary options tradition account, I took the time to watch the education videos.  You can imagine that the information you receive from the broker on “How to trade” is not exactly what you would call non-biased…. read more

My Hypothesis

In my last articles, I shared what I learned the hard way from my initial experiments with trading binary options.  After reflecting on my own experiences, I came to the following conclusion about what it takes to be successful. Conclusion: In order to make money with… read more