I know… You haven’t heard from me in a while.

I’m not going to lie.  My last round of trading took some wind out of the sales.  However, I shouldn’t punish my fans for that, since the mistakes were clearly the fault of me breaking all the rules I set for myself.  I hope to resume trading in the near future.

We are coming to the close of another tax season as December unwinds.  Honestly, I don’t intend on adding any more funds to the account and risking more loss this tax year.  Instead, I plan to save money between now and the first of the year so the project can resume in January.  I welcome any Contributions  if you want to send a Christmas present my way in the meantime.

I do have one update for you, literally.

When I opened up the Binary Robot, I was prompted for an update.  They smoothed out some things cosmetically.  If there were any major changes pertaining to the security of the program, I am unaware.  Likely, this update brought them up to speed with Windows 10.  I did have some issues when I upgrades laptops a while back, but this new install went smooth.  The program is still behind in terms of my graphic preferences.  I would have hoped for a more modern update.  But I am more concerned about the effectiveness of the Robot’s programming, rather than bells and whistles and pretty graphics.  If you haven’t tried the new version, Download a free copy today and play with it yourself.