Losing Steam…

I will have to admit, I have been losing steam with this project.  I created my fifth experiment video back in January; but I still haven’t taken the time to create the voice-over audio and post it on YouTube.

Why?  Because I finally lost the last of my initial deposit on my fifth experiment video.

It’s not that exciting of a video.  I can’t say I really learned a lot from it.  It was more or less a last attempt at making money with the robot.  I went for broke, just to have closure.  One after the other, my losing trades depleted the account until I could no longer place a minimum bet.  You can say my trading lost steam – and with that final puff, so went my enthusiasm.

What will it take for me to regain interest in this project?  The first thing that is required for me to start trading again is making  another deposit.  Of course, if anyone wants to throw some funds my way and become a Contributor, it would help me make a decision to trade again.  If I had experienced more success in my initial experiments, I would be a lot more enthusiastic about trying again.  As it stands, I am beginning to wonder if this pursuit is ever going to be lucrative.  While I knew there was risk going into it, I at least hoped I wouldn’t lose everything quite so quickly.

Before I started this project, I played with manually trading binary options.  Of course I lost everything on those investments as well.  However, I had hoped that the robot would improve my record.  Unfortunately, my performance was no better.  I do not have trackable statistics from those early days of randomly picking binary options to compare with the robot’s performance.  However, I dare say I made more winning trades before I used it.

Fueling an Ember.  An ember still burns within me to keep trading.  I can see the potential profitability, if I can push past the pain.  What will it take to fan that ember into interest in trading binaries again?  Well, you.  I will have to admit that you, my fans, are helping me fan that ember into a flame.  For those of you who have recently submitted your email address to our mailing list to Sign Up to be a fan, I thank you.  I have noticed an increase in interest in both my site and my videos.  In response, I will work on editing the raw footage of my fifth experiment and sharing the next step in the journey with you.  With your support, who knows where we go from here.

The Next Step.  I have to decide now what to do.  Should I fund my existing account and keep trying to use the same robot?  Were my settings wrong?  Do I need to keep playing with different combinations?  Different days or times?  Or is it time for me to consider using another solution?  On the other hand, a $250 deposit may not be a fair shake down.  According to the recommendation emails from the robot, I should make a $450 dollar deposit and use the martingale system.  Maybe I should follow their recommendations to the letter before I make a verdict on the effectiveness of the program.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, please feel free to Contact us and share them with me.