Today, I discovered some magic money.  I logged into my account, and it just materialized.  I was so confused that I had to reach out to my broker before I ever figured out what had happened.

So, it’s 2016.  A new year.  I hadn’t done any robot trading since last year.  It was time to fund my account and try again as I promised.  I logged in and attempted to make a deposit online.  Of course, my online deposit with Tradorax failed.  I have yet to do a successful online transaction.  I think it is because I am a U.S. account.   I always have to call.  But regardless, that is not the point of what I wanted to share with you.

When my deposit failed, it triggered an update on my account value.  All of the sudden, instead of displaying $5.00, it showed $130.00.  Where did the extra $125.00 come from?  I was so confused.

Many brokers offer you bonuses; however, these bonuses come with strings attached.  You should always be careful before accepting bonuses from binary options brokers.  Usually, the fine print is unattractive and the bonus is intentionally designed to get you in trouble.  Often you have limits on how long you have to invest the bonus money and an obligation to add more funds to the account.  Maybe it is just safer to say, “Stay away from bonuses.”

With that advice in mind, I wanted to make sure that the money that magically appeared was not a bonus.  I could see no evidence of a bonus in my account history, nor had I authorized one.  But I could come up with no other logical explanation for the origin of these funds.  There was only one thing left to do: contact customer service.

If you need to speak to someone on the phone, the best way to do that is to utilize the live chat feature on Tradorax.  Since most binary options brokers operate with offices outside the U.S., even if you get your hands on their phone number, you may have to pay a substantial amount in international phone call fees to get the answer you seek.  If you start with the chat program on their website to initiate the conversation, then you eliminate the long distance charges by having them call you.  There is one sure fire way to get them to call you.  Simply tell them that you are having difficulty making a deposit.  Someone is sure to call you within 30 minutes.

When the customer service representative took my call, not surprisingly, they launch into their sales pitch of offering guided trade.  I interrupted the paid commercial and told him I was having account trouble.  Once I turned the tide and shifted the conversation to account issues, the customer service representative began listening to my story.

I will say he was able to clarify the source of the magic money.  And the answer was surprising enough that I felt the need to share it with you.  He explained after reviewing my account that the extra $125.00 resulted from a refund on a trade that I had previously placed.  (See below for a screen shot of the canceled transaction)  Apparently, one of the high stakes trades that I placed using the Martingale trading system was found to be in error.  Watch my video for my Third Experiment: Sloppy Trading to see the actual trade in question.

According to the customer service representative, upon closer review, it appears that this trade was determined to be in error.  He explained that a single pip can make a big difference.  Supposedly, they audit their customer losses closely to ensure there are no mistakes.  He bragged about this as one of the ways their company looks our for their clients.  “We are serious down here,” he explained.  I was surprised by this move on their company’s behalf.  But maybe I’m just getting sucked in by their magic.

Regardless, the sudden discover of an extra $125.00 means my account was not completely wiped out by the Third Experiment.  Without adding any funds, I can begin the Fourth Experiment.  Keep your eyes on my blog as I will release another trading video soon!