A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

It is a dark time for the Traders.  Although the Binary Robot has been destroyed in the first phase of experiments, Imperial troops have driven the Robot from hiding in pursuit of new trading opportunities…


What Empire am I talking about?

Not Vader’s. I am talking about Empire Option, a newly added broker that allows U.S. traders that has been added to the Binary-Option-Robot. Just as unexpectedly as an invasion on Hoth, I logged into my account to check on frozen assets. To my surprise, I discovered this additional brokerage option lurking under the account settings.


You can sign up for an Empire Option account directly through the Binary-Option-Robot platform.


As a U.S. trader, options have been limited through the Robot to only using Tradorax. While I had no real difficulty opening a Tradorax account or using their trading platform, it never quite lived up to what I expected from a binary options broker.  Their website could at best be described as minimalist. However, a more honest assessment would call it uninformative. Their bare-bones approach did not always feed my need for information. Empire Option offers a more thorough website with a quality help succession and various educational tools.  The availability to helpful content and resources expands with larger accounts.  They offer a wider variety of trading instruments, including copy trading.  While these additional features go beyond the scope of our Robot experiments, it does demonstrate their superiority as a broker.

What does it mean for Phase II?

The addition of this new broker will radically change the new phase of experiments. It couldn’t have become available at a better time. Phase II experiments need to be more than just more of the same. And they will be!  For one, Empire Option offers a demo feature.  Robot settings and variations in trading strategies can not be tested in demo mode with a simulated $5,000 before risking real capital. I am curious to see with time if actual trading matches consistently with the results achieved through demo trading.  Only time will tell.

Another major difference between Tradorax and Empire Option is the minimum trading amount. Tradorax has a $25 minimum for trading short term binary options.  Since we have been testing with small starter accounts, a $25 minimum does not allow for much room for error before the account is significantly depleted.  If you are just starting out and do not feel comfortable risking thousands of dollars in the beginning, you may have been equally frustrated by this minimum. With Empire Option, the Binary Robot Project can now place trades as low as $5 per option.

Satoshi Mines

The Force is Strong with This One

In the phase one experiments, I experimented with the Martingale system and began to experience the potential of this trading strategy.  However, Tradorax’s $25 minimum meant that the loss associated with the Martingale’s increasing investment scale quickly became greater than what a small account could afford to endure. As a result, in short, we lost money.  With Empire Option’s $5 minimum instead, the Martingale system can increase the wager several times before the investment amount even becomes equal to what Tradorax required. That lowers the risk involved in the Martingale system and allows us to experiment with this system sooner, rather than waiting for the account to increase before testing it. The force can be strong with this trade, even when we are just a young Padawan.


With the help of Empire Option, the Binary Robot Project is back in full swing. Their trading platform is just the upgrade our droids needed.  The demo account is as good as getting in a little extra Jedi training in Dagobah before facing off in a real combat scenario. Lower cost investments means more photon torpedo in our arsenal. We are more equipped than ever before to begin some serious trading in the next phase of the Binary Robot Project!